Monday, September 13, 2010

Anitcipating the Launch of Rue

If you are out of the loop, Rue Magazine will be launching next Thursday. I personally am really excited to see what the creators of the new e-magazine have put together for us. After the death of Domino {yes death - this was really tragic for me}, I'm ready for some new shelter inspiration. I just have to get used to curling up with my computer instead of a magazine. Which, may prove to be difficult for me as 1. I love to tear out pages that inspire me and 2. my computer has to stay plugged in at all times because the battery is shot.

The ladies have been sharing some images from the debut magazine and here are a few of them ... looks like the girls are into all things white in their premiere issue!

If you're interested in learning more behind-the-scenes, hop on over to Shelter Pop. More to come after I read the first issue on Thursday!

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