Monday, January 23, 2012

Treasures from Thailand

A little about me ...
I love an apartment that looks collected over time, that rings with memories and peaks interest. I am completely terrified of furniture sets, cataloguesque rooms that lack character and fake plants/flowers. I am constantly in search for unique items that I will not find in my neighbor's apartment and that make me smile every time I look at them. I find decorating to be a journey and love "the hunt". I understand that this may not be you ...

To me, travel presents the perfect opportunity to bring one-of-a kind pieces into your apartment. On our Thai honeymoon, Nate I searched for accessories for our home and came back with the below. I now realize that I have a major obsession with elephants and am putting myself on a little elephant probation ...

Do you have any awesome travel finds?


  1. Love the elephants! I'm so bad about buying things when I travel.. I need to get better about that! I've been to so many countries and don't think I have anything from any of them!!

  2. I really like the elephants and the buddha on top of the books, I love decorating with treasures from my travels!

  3. I adore the pillow ~ what a special find! Congratulations to you on what looks to be an absolutely fabulous wedding! :)


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