Wednesday, January 4, 2012

His & Her Office Space Inspiration

The inspiration for this space came from my sister and her boyfriend of 6 years. As the two of them plan to move in with each other this Summer, their future apartment frequents many conversations. She has lived in a studio for the past year and a half and has yet to make her space the bachelorette pad she envisioned. Her future cohabitance with her boyfriend lingers in the back of her mind ... knowing that anything too girly will not make the cut this Summer. His taste is a combination of both manly and preppy.

So, enter the thoughts of one big sister. I've seen with friends that as soon as they move-in they tend to try to compromise on every piece. The result ... there are many pieces that make it into their place that neither of them love. My advice to Regan and her beau is to bring in items that represent each of them individually to create a room that speaks to both of them.

Here is a take on a his/her office that starts with the same oak veneered West Elm Mini Parson's Desk and classic bertoia chair. Each desk is styled to evoke the personality of the person who is sitting at it. While the two different spaces are still able exist cohesively.

His space is filled with a masculine print, Berkshire horn cups for pens and other odds and ends, a classic tartan plaid throw and a vintage desktop map. Hers decorated with a fashion print, a pretty floral arrangement in a vintage mint julep cup, a white faux fur throw and a polka dot tray.


  1. great picks! my fiance and i share our office space but i've let him put up most of his art. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. I love the girly chair, the tray, the sherpa rug, and the print! I guess I'm just a girly girl all the way-but you did a good job mixing the two styles.


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