Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jetset: Nashville, San Francisco & Wine Country

Nate and I are all over the map this year with trips lined up for work, play and weddings! As we hop around the states, I'd like some advice on what to check out. If you are familiar with Nashville, San Francisco or California Wine Country, I'm asking for your advice this week as we will be headed to these places shortly!

Looking forward to some local's advice ... I will report back!


  1. Cara! I lived in San Fran for a year and was in Wine Country a lot - I have so many suggestions for you, I'll try to shoot you an email. Definitely go to Sonoma, eat lunch at the girl + the fig. Where are you staying in SF? I can suggest a ton of great places. Hotel Biron is a tiny little wine bar in Hayes Valley that you should hit up. Also, I can suggest boutiques and lots more. xo!

  2. San Francisco and Napa are just such gorgeous places.

  3. What a marvelous trip! I love Napa Valley and San Francisco!!


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