Friday, January 20, 2012

The Half Bath

Our guest bathroom is neglected. Completely neglected. Other than our hand towels, the closest thing to decor is the Meyer's soap. Scary.

I have some major peeves with this bathroom so I think that's why I haven't invested anything in it {including time}. The lighting looks like cyclones and the previous tenant left a few things that I don't care for, including a plastic hook for towels on the light switch plate. It's in a really awkward place and could start a fire. Stupid girl. It won't come off and no matter how hard I try to keep the towels away from the hook, a guest always puts it there anyway. Drives me nutty!

I've decided I'm going to put a few things into the bathroom to spruce it up! First up, a brass lion door knocker, like the one I found on Etsy below, for my hand towels! I think its going to be both practical and add some character!

Also looking to add a cute curio shelf {another Etsy find} to hold my crystal bud vase and a good smelling candle. All bathrooms should have candles ...

Last but not least, this little closet of a bathroom needs some art for color. I'm think about taking my vintage pinnups out of hiding!

Goodbye lame bathroom ...

1 comment:

  1. I am kind of in the same conundrum - although I just can't afford to decorate that bathroom until our own bathroom is done! Good luck - hopefully you get a beautiful bathroom!


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