Friday, January 13, 2012

I heart elephants. And this is why ...

TGIF!!! Thought I'd share a little piece of our honeymoon with everyone. Nate and I went to Thailand - Bangkok, Chiang Rai and Phuket - and had the most amazing time.

By far our favorite place was Chiang Rai/The Golden Triangle. Less touristy than Chiang Mai, it is situated in the jungle on the border of Burma, Laos and Thailand. We stayed at the Anantara Golden Triangle and had a once in a lifetime experience with their one-day mahout training. A mahout is an elephant keeper and trainer who is bonded to his elephant and stays with him for life {kinda like me and Phoebs}!

Our morning started by picking up the elephants in jungle, where they sleep in the evening. Within the first five minutes of meeting them, we were on their backs riding them down the side of a mountain. Holy **** am I really riding down a mountain on an elephants neck!? Yup! The rest of the day including us learning how to steer and mount the elephant, feeding and trekking and yes BATHING the elephants. Check out Nate and I bathing our elephants - Phuang Laup {mine} and Wood Huang {Nate's}!


The Anantara & Golden Triangle Elephant Foundation perform street rescues to remove elephants from crowded cities and provide a safe place for them and their mahout's family to live. Visit their website to learn more or donate to the cause!


  1. OH my gosh that looks like fun! Wow what an amazing experience, especially to share with Nate. those elephants are amazing!!

  2. wow!!!! This is amazing!!! I would love to do this one day


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