Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter's Beauty Blunders

Winter is here in Chicago, which typically means dry skin and damaged hair for us Chicago ladies. I'm gearing up to face the winds and cold weather with two products that I think are worth the investment.

Moroccan Oil
I'm a hair girl. If there is one thing I have to get done before I leave the house, it is a perfect blow dry. My friend Claire introduced me to this fabulous product this summer and I must buy some of my own. It protects your hair, is not greasy and apparently helps it dry faster!

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream
I'm a big believer in Kiehl's and my life has changed ever since Equinox stocked all of their locker rooms with these yummy products. So much so, that I decided I had to switch to their shampoo and conditioner. This is my friend Ashley's go-to moisturizer. I figure if I love their hair products and body cream that I should use their face lotions and potions as well.

I have faith that these two products will protect my hair and face from Chicago's harsh winter weather!



  1. moroccan oil is my favorite! i use good old cetaphil for my face, but i love the kiehls too! and today's weather is absolutely disgusting, i preferred the 10 degree weather last week to this. 35 and raining? not ok

  2. Seriously LOVE that Equinox puts Kiehls in the locker room. Painful to pay that much to put the products in my own house, but will gleefully condition my hair 3x at Equinox just to use the lovely stuff!

  3. I have to agree- two of my must have products!


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