Friday, December 3, 2010

Meet Lisa.

Today is Friday. Which means yesterday I indulged in some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. These women manage to make all of the other housewives look like paupers in comparison.

My absolute favorite cast member is Lisa Vanderpump. Her closest friends call her Pinky and she's an absolute riot. Lisa has a permanent young, gay and handsome house guest named Cedric, brings her pup Jiggy {short for Gigilo} everywhere including award shows and premiere parties, wears a ton of pink and her quintessential gift is a pair of chocolate molded pumps. She is a former actress but now spends most of her time as a restaurant owner and designer.

Lisa is a homemaker at heart. She fills her empty nest with fluffy dogs and tons of fresh pink roses. She loves to cook and does everything with such flair. Her home is beautiful and excessively luxurious. Oh and I forgot to mention that she is British, making everything that comes out of her mouth that much more hilarious and everything she does that more fabulous!

Lisa and Jiggy

I could live outside here and be perfectly happy!

Lisa, please invite me over for tea; I'll go out and purchase a hot pink dress if you do!


  1. i am obsessed with her. i of course watched last night's episode too. amazing!

  2. man, i have so much to catch up on! i think the last i saw was atlanta!


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