Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ready for Winter Break!

One thing I love about the advertising industry is the never promised but always granted winter break. Today is my last day of work before the holidays. And like several other advertising agencies, I don't have to return to work until January 3rd! In addition to finishing my Christmas shopping and spending quality time with family and friends, here are some things I'll be catching up on ....

1. Hanging out with this little nugget! With all of the holiday parties and long work hours, she has been left alone too much.

2. Lots of blogging! I need to get in the swing of things again as my new job distracted me a little bit.

 LCY Graphics
3. A game plan for decorating our bedroom. We haven't touched it since we moved in and I'd love for it to be as beautiful one of these inspiration bedrooms found on Things That Sparkle & Greige.

4. Yoga. And lots of it.

Child Pose from Women's Health

5. Try out some new recipes!

And retry this one from the Food Network! When I halved the recipe last time, I forgot to half the salt!
6. Begin my quest for the perfect wedding dress {and bridesmaid dresses too}!

Jenny Yoo Marqaux Bridesmaid Dress
Really like this dress in the slate {above}, a lighter silvery gray and green.
7. Finish The Help {by a warm fire} for our January book club meeting. It is SO good.

8. Give our place a good cleaning. I actually enjoying cleaning but haven't had the time to do a really thorough job lately. 

Looking forward to some time off. I feel like a kid on winter break from school!


    1. I used to work in advertising too! Left Ogilvy in the spring to start design school. Too funny. I tried to email you but didn't see your address, mine is, wanted to organize a Chicago Blogger Meet up if you are interested.

    2. I LOVE your dog! My parents have two of those little loving Cavailers - Bailey (13 yrs old!!) and Jake (6 yrs old). Aren't they just wonderful?



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