Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Perfect Pad

You may remember her as Billy Joel's most recent ex-wife or the host of Top Chef Season 1. But to me, Katie Lee is known for her fabulous New York apartment featured in an old issue of Domino. Recently her New York home has been put up for sale. If I could afford it, all of the pieces inside of it and transport it to Chicago, I'd buy it in a flash. It is beyond glamorous and would force me to live up to my New Year's Resolution. How could you be anything less than fabulous living in this place?!

 Luxurious textures, brass and a rich color scheme

Airy walls and a warm fireplace

Unique accessorizing adds character

A dressing room for a princess ... she looks like she has a killer shoe collection

An amazing tub, carrara marble sink, chandelier dripping in crystal and vintage tiles make me want to run a bubble bath and read a book

This space was designed by Nate Berkus, Chicago's interior design golden boy. How could you not like it?!?!

{Source: This is Glamorous}


  1. I am obsessed. Its just really really really perfect.

  2. gees.. and here i thought that these kinds of houses were for eye candy alone. i was wrong. these are lovely! hahaha go get a lone and buy it!!!

  3. That closet is amazing...I want one of

  4. I completely agree. Her home is/was the ULTIMATE. Whoever buys it is very lucky!

  5. I would die just to have her bathroom... Absolutely gorgeous!!

    <3 alisha


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