Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boutique Hotels in Paris

This weekend Nate and I started our registry. Our honeymoon registry that is. We are using Traveler's Joy to help us register for a honeymoon to Paris and the French Riviera. Heaven. If you read the blog, you know I'd pack up and move to France in a heart beat if it weren't for family and friends.

While searching for hotels for our trip, I stumbled upon Tablet, a resource full of luxury, boutique hotels. I figure Nate and I deserve some sexy pads during our stay in France. After all, it is our honeymoon! Here are some of my favorite Parisian hotels ... would love to stay in one of these.

Hotel Le Six- 41 Rooms 
I love the sitting area with the pink and gold chairs. Can I take them home, please?

Madison Hotel - 50 Rooms
Again, adorable sitting areas and fresh pops of colors in the suites!

Le Petit Paris - 20 Rooms
I'll stay in the sea foam green room ...

Artus Hotel - 27 Rooms
What an amazing bathroom?!

How could you not want to stay at one of these adorable places. J'adore! I'll be back with some amazing hotels located in the French Riviera sooner rather than later.

{source: Tablet Hotels}


  1. Funnily, I've actually stayed at Artus!! I stayed on the basis of Trip Advisor reviews a few years ago and really felt it was a bait-and-switch. All of the reviews spoke glowingly of Sanjay at the front desk. He was not to be found while I was there! When I asked for a dinner recommendation, they told me "everywhere is nice." No help whatsoever for a solo female business traveler. Lastly, I came home one night from work to find that they had painted my doorjamb. The door was propped wide open with all my worldly belongings inside. Seriously...skip it!!!

  2. These hotels are all lovely! When I was in Paris last summer we stayed at the Hotel Castille. It was really cute, but I gotta say, their rooms were nothing like these! Your honeymoon sounds like it is going to be pure HEAVEN.


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