Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Addition to Our Living Room

Lucky me - after hours of racing around Ravenswood and one trivia contest later, I scored the eco-friendly Arhaus chair courtesy of House Beautiful's Pink Chair Giveaway! Happens to be the I took home one of the few chairs that is not to be pink {I loved all of the chairs, but I'm sure Nate is happy}. I may have to put a pink pillow on it in honor of the event ...

Check out the new addition to our family room and look who has already made herself quite comfortable!

Arhaus Club Accent Chair

I'm heading out to Arhaus today from 6-8 to meet the House Beautiful team and the designer of this chair. Festivities begin at 6! Thanks House Beautiful for a crazy day and a beautiful chair!

Rumor has it they are dropping downtown & in the Loop today ...


  1. Absolutely gorgeous chair! I'm so excited that you actually got one. I'm going to the event tonight too. I'll look for you!

  2. Hi Cara I'm so pleased you finally got a chair. A friend and I headed out today and I got the Grange chair, I'm ecstatic and cannot believe it. Like you I had to answer a question as there were three of us. Kate (the English girl from Ravenswood)

  3. Congratulations, Kate! I'm so happy you got one too. That chair is beautiful! How'd you find my little blog?

    Enjoy the chair!

  4. Thank you Cara.
    I saw people had uploaded photo's of their chairs to the House Beautiful Facebook page, I clicked on your Facebook name and saw your blog on your info page. I have often thought of starting my own blog, yours is good. Let me know if you need help with anything any time or know of any jobs in Chicago. I was a PR Co-ordinator in England for a fashion company and am finding that line of work difficult to get back into in Chicago...I just cant seem to find any jobs here! Sorry I'm 'posting' as anonymous on here as I'm not a member. Kate x

  5. This sounded sooooo fun and you're a lucky girl to have gotten one! That chair is adorable!

  6. Just got back from the event ... got to meet the Publisher, which was neat! Thought I would run into some bloggers but I didn't!

  7. It's fits in perfectly. Love your little bird pillow and lush, soft blue sofa.


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