Thursday, February 17, 2011

Party Dress

I looked at our Save the Dates the other day and realized that Nate and I have 4 weddings in 7 weeks. Wow, that is a lot of weddings! Naturally, I started to think about my wardrobe for all of them. I found this dress on J. Crew on sale for $100. Do you think I should buy it? I'm loving the big bow!

While I really like the light pink, the grey is the only one left in my size. I figure the grey is probably more versatile anyway. And that the pink might be too light to wear to weddings. Don't want to look like I'm wearing white!


  1. It's gorgeous... You should buy it:) And that's also pretty cheap for J. Crew...

  2. That's a lot of weddings! $100 is a great deal. I say go for it!

    Also, have you checked out Anthro's new wedding line, BHLDN? They have some really cute dresses for bridesmaids/attendees!Though, none are on sale yet since it's a new brand!

  3. The grey one is beautiful ! And I love the big bow !!


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