Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bye Chicago, Hello Wine Country ...

Nate and I have some big news ... our wedding is being be picked up and moved over a thousand miles West. To Wine Country! And, Calistoga Ranch is likely going to be our spot. Jaw dropping gorgeous, right?

So scratch the Chicago History Museum, the band we had booked and the idea of long bridesmaid dresses for something much more intimate! Oh, but not the photographer. We are keeping him

I'm so excited, just overwhelmed starting from square one...


  1. wow sooo gorgeous! i am looking for a venue for our chicago wedding too... i need to check this place out! xoxo jcd:: enter to win my jewelry giveaway !!

  2. The photographer is the most important part, anyway...! Seriously :)

  3. Amazing!!!!! I can't think of a more beautiful place to get married. I may have missed this from a previous post, but when is the wedding date??


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