Friday, November 12, 2010

Sneak in Pink

All girls have had a relationship with the color pink. We go through periods of loving it and hating it. Right now, I'm loving it thanks to the blogging world. Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere has pale pink office makes my heart melt and the pink images posted by Christine of Bijou and Boheme are absolutely gorgeous.

Nate and I live in an apartment that is not over-the-top feminine but it certainly has lots of details only a girl would choose. He's been very open to what ever the designer in me desires {thanks, Nate}. That said, I'm afraid loads of pink in the future might not blow over as well. Here are a couple ways I could sneak this girly color into our place.

{Catch-All Bowls & Trays}
Found this small bowl on Anthropologie's website for $8. The gold rim pumps up the girly factor.

{Fabulous Etsy Prints}
Macaroon images found on Chelsea Victoria's Etsy shop would be perfect for the kitchen. Did anyone catch this week's episode of Gossip Girl where Blair is stuffing her face with macaroons while taking a bubble bath? A dose of heaven.

{Throw Pillows}
Might end up with some pale pink pillows in the bedroom. Pink would look awesome with our gray walls.

I'm inspired to buy a pair of crystal candlesticks. They are so girly to begin with, why not make them pink?!

A classic way to sneak in pink. Like the inspiration photo on the right.

I guess I just gave away all of my secrets to the boy. Hopefully this isn't pink overload for him!


  1. this is the story of my life. i think my boyfriend has finally realized not to fight it! yay! that little ikat bowl is a must

  2. Thanks so much for the mention:) As you know, I adore pink- I think it's the perfect colour and is an absolute must in any space. I love your ways of sneaking it in so that no one really objects- love the candles and ikat bowls especially..oh and the pillows, peonies and macaroons- yes, love it all:) xo


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