Friday, November 12, 2010

Blocked Off The Hotel Sax

I feel slightly relived that we have reserved some rooms for the guests at our wedding. The date just happens to be the Saturday before the Chicago Marathon. With a convention that week and the marathon, we were worried our guests would be pitching tents in Lincoln Park! Well we would like to block off some rooms at another hotel as well, we are happy to have some on hold at The Hotel Sax.

The Hotel Sax is a Thompson Hotel and is the official hotel of the House of Blues. It is a boutique hotel with a fun and funky vibe and is complete with a gaming studio {perfect for the groomsmen}, restaurant and wine bar {Bin 36} and its very own club {Crimson Lounge}. The eclectic mix of vintage and modern speaks to me. I hope our guests find it as fun as I do!

On another note, my friend Ashley is heading off to NY next week and will be staying at The Smythe, another Thompson Hotel!

Sources: Hotel Chatter, Luxist, Yelp


  1. Love this hotel


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