Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh To Be Jenna Lyons

The sparkles, lace and amazing Fall colors at J. Crew have me daydreaming lately. How great would it be to have Jenna Lyon's job or better yet her life? The lady has a home with amazing architecture that is complete with a ridiculous closet, free-standing tub and heavenly sun room. Not too mention, she can get away with wearing sequin harem pants. A couple of months ago many were arguing whether they loved or hated her pants. Who cares? She got away with it regardless ...

Seen styled two different ways - one with a settee and one with dressers. I like to think the settee is there permanently as it is far more glamorous. But wait, those dressers could be filled with fabulous baubles ...

A real life Carrie Bradshaw

This would be a great space to start any day with a glass of coffee and end it with a glass of Cabernet.

Looking at this image just makes me want to take a bath.

Shoes off to you Jenna for elevating the J. Crew brand and robbing my wallet!

Sources: Habitually Chic & Elle Decor


  1. oh so inspirational thanks for sharing xxxx

  2. Those shoes are to DIE for!


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