Monday, February 20, 2012

Gray Walls Singing the Winter Blues?

I've had gray walls for the last 4-5 years now and thought that I would love them forever. Why not? They are neutral, but still provide some depth. Not to mention, I get tons of comments on the particular shade of gray that I carried over from my last apartment to our current place. However, lately I'm not too keen on my walls. It could be that I'm getting swept away by Chicago's new found winter and that the gray walls put me in a constant state of dreary. Or, maybe it's that I see a bunch of amazing rooms pulled together by color and not neutrals.

Thoughts on gray walls:
I personally like gray when rooms are full of light and contrast - large windows, big chandeliers, crisp white moldings. And this, might be contributing to why I'm no longer digging them in my apartment. For one, we have very few windows for the size of our living space. Those windows also look into a terrible brick wall 10 feet away. Additionally, our place was built circa 2006 and lacks character {including modeling} and good lighting {the track lighting makes me want to vomit}.

Enough complaining, now onto some colors I'd love to play with ...

I have a major love affair with blush. It's screams subtle femininity, takes color well and warms up a space. Hello, and don't you just love it paired with turquoise {I die}? 

At first I thought of it for our bedroom but this color can transform just about any space. Love, love the living room with blush walls directly above.  The walls feel so neutral you can't tell if the space belongs to a male, female or just super cool couple.

Must. have. blush. walls.

Oh, and where to begin with mint. It feels fresh, clean, retro and fun. It has the ability to add major drama when paired with black or hot pink or appear calm and collected when mixed with grassy greens and white. The kitchen above it just genius. I bet lots of tasty treats are made in that kitchen.

What flavor are your walls? Anything new colors you'd love to get your hands on? 

*All images are from Pinterest


  1. I like Gray/Grey in it's lightest tone. It really is quite calming. New follower from A Cup of Jo.


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