Thursday, June 23, 2011

Musical Dresses

Nate and I landed in Chicago at 1a on Monday morning after an impromptu trip to Wine Country. I must say that my jeans felt a little tighter after a weekend of eating and drinking but it absolutely confirmed that our decision to move the wedding to California was the best one we have made yet! Pics from our travels to come ...

On another note, we have FINALLY figured out bridesmaid dresses for the girls. With the swap from Chicago to California, we moved from long to short, shantung to silk and gray to blush. Aren't they pretty?! But, I must say they were not easy to come by ...

After falling in love with the dresses and even more importantly the color, we learned that there were only a handful of dresses left in the country. Girls ordered dresses two sizes too big and back up colors knowing how much I wanted these dresses. We were thinking major alterations! 

Luckily, I worked hand and hand with J. Crew corporate to track down additional dresses in smaller sizes. All in all, I think we ordered 20 dresses for 7 girls, and it all worked out! Extras are being returned, sizes are being swapped and the girls are enjoying the new sale price that was granted to us last week!

J. Crew, I loved you before .... but I love you even more now!

More importantly, I have the most awesome bridesmaids in the world!


  1. Gorgeous dresses! Cannot wait to see how it all comes together

  2. so great! i've tried that dress on and it's super flattering. great choice! isn't jcrew the best?? same thing happened to me with the rosy peach color, but it all worked out!


  3. Aww thanks Cara! But I think we have an awesome bride too! :)

  4. love the dress and my sister xoxo

  5. love love love omgggg LOVE this dress! i would wear this normally! the color is gorgeous, and the cut is simple, but so chic. these are by far the best bridesmaid dresses i have ever seen! love j crew :)


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