Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Makeover Monday on Tuesday l Regan's Feedback

I thought I was just barely sneaking in a Makeover Monday post before the clock hit Midnight last night but was having some technical difficulties. So today is a Makeover Monday post on Tuesday!

While, my thoughts for next steps in my sister's place are not yet gathered, I thought I'd follow- up with some feedback from my sister on the pillow options I pulled together for her and some of her biggest frustrations about her place.

She's truly a combo of options number 2 and 3. While her heart knows that option 3 works best with her current apartment, she'd love to fully embrace option number 2 as she's crazy for some texture. Maybe I can create some combination of the two ...

Option 3 with the addition of a fluffy white pillow ... that's texture for you Regs!

Some other items on our "to do" list:
Add a focal point above the bed
Catchalls ... she tells me she needs them left and right!
New dining chairs and coffee table to replace the black leather chairs and ottoman {hand me downs}

Now if Regan and I could just slow down with our regular lives to spend some time on her apartment!


  1. Where are the fluffy pillows from? I'm thinking of some fluffage after I get some new bedding for my new apartment, I'm obsessed.

  2. I'm a big fan of the gray and white pillow. But, all are adorable!

  3. likin the fluff factor! just don't know if the white would get covered in hazel hair


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