Monday, June 13, 2011

Makeover Monday l Extra Seating

One thing I didn't mention last week was my sister's ongoing hunt for a chair for her apartment. I've gone back and forth on whether or not she should have something neutral and classic or fun and colorful. Then I remember my red flowered chair. After 5 years of having that chair as my only extra seating, I couldn't wait to see it go. And so, neutral won. Here are three fabulous options from West Elm. Why I like West Elm ... most items are small scale, modern and reasonably priced. These three all come in at $600 or less. And now I present, the Elton, Sweep and Tulip {in order}!

Wouldn't anyone of them look awesome with the fluffy white pillow posted last week? It's also from West Elm ...


  1. That first one is my favorite west elm piece ever!

  2. although i love these they may be a little out of my price range..lets keep looking sis :)

  3. nice blog! I followed u! be sure to give back the love :)

  4. The second shot is great ! It inspired me ! Check out :


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