Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Suburban Sunroom

Nate and I have been at my parents quite a bit painting our dining room table. It is finally done. On Sunday we went to pick it up from Lake Forest and for the first time spent the whole night enjoying time with my parents inside instead of slaving away in the garage. With our many trips to the burbs, I thought I'd share my favorite room in my parents' house - The Sunroom.

This room is full of pieces from the large living room from our last house. My parents took the best from our formal living room to create a welcoming sunroom that is used every day in our new house. It is beautiful without being pretentious. Not to mention, my mom has a fabulous eye for color! The yellow chairs, needlepoint rug, side table and lamp are all finds from a great estate sale. One has to be an early riser to nab all of these pieces. The china cabinent and French chest are from my grandma. And finally, the sofa and coffee table are courtesy of Walter E. Smithe.

The framed birds over the couch are one of my dad's DIY projects. He purchased a bird book, chose his six favorites and framed them in matching gold frames.

While my mom tends to be a little more traditional than I am, I appreciate her sense of style and use of color. Although I have never lived in this house, I feel at home in this room. Job well done Mom (and Dad)!

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