Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our first major project is complete.

After we signed our lease, I was determined to find the perfect Mid-Century Modern dining table. The vintage furniture's clean lines blend perfectly with our kitchen but add some character to the modern apartment. Craigslist is a full-time job when it comes to purchasing MCM furniture. And with the competitive marketplace, I missed out on at least 10 dining tables. The set pictured below was one of my favorites from An Orange Moon.

After weeks of hunting, I finally found a table and chairs that someone hadn't snatched up before me. I practically stole the set for $100. But the journey did not end here. I've always had dreams of a white table and wood chairs or vice versa. The table needed a little more TLC than the chairs, so we opted to paint the table white. After weeks of sanding, painting, stripping, painting, adding polyurethane and repainting, the set has finally made its to our apartment.

I absolutely love the wood and white combination.

These chairs have amazing lines. I have plans to recover them in a bold pattern. However, the color matches the rest of our furniture for now. I'd also like to refinish them in the future.

Although it isn't perfect, I'm very happy with the finished product and am ready to start entertaining in the new place!

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  1. the chairs and table look great! but don't forget the pretty flowers too


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