Monday, August 2, 2010

Garden Sunday

Our new place needs a little TLC. And, so does our balcony. We have yet to find a bistro set we love or a grill that fits our budget and space limitations. So, this weekend I promised myself I was going to spruce up the balcony with flowers. Hey, it may not be functional but at least it will be pretty.

Nate and I began by picking up two window boxes at Home Depot. While Nate installed the boxes on our balcony, Rachel and I hit Old Town Gardens to shop for the fun stuff. We scored a deal and walked away with begonias, marigolds, violet stars, herbs and peppers for $40! The selection wasn't huge as most people don't wait to begin their garden in August. But, we did manage to create something beautiful.

Entrance to the balcony with two things I love - flowers and Phoebe

These are going to look great as we transition into my favorite season, Fall!

Closing with a picture of a sunbathing dog

Thanks Nate and Rachel! It is always great to have a boyfriend and a best friend that will lend a hand. Or in this case, a green thumb!

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