Sunday, July 25, 2010

Market Days

Yesterday presented another fun-filled day of treasure hunting at the Randolph Street Market Festival. Although there were not near as many vendors as last month (probably due to our morning rain), I still found several items that I loved and some that made their way home with me.

I've seen these old ceiling tiles at several antique markets and have almost purchased them numerous times. Nate and I may end up with two white square tiles over our couch but it is still up in the air. The mirrored ones are amazing. However, I've ruled these out of the picture as I do not want to reflect our TV that is mounted on the opposite wall.

Earlier this summer, I scoured Craigslist to find the perfect set of Mid-Century Modern dining chairs. I would have loved to have purchased these beauties at the time!

These frosted mugs are adorable and came as a set of four for $16. I regret not buying them.

Who can resist these pin-up girls? The vintage posters are so light-hearted and humorous. There were tons of options to choose from, some a little more risque than others, and the vendor knew the names of all of them! After mixing and matching for almost an hour, Nate and I walked out with four - I've Got Your Number, Going Up, Lucky Dog and Hard to Handle. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I will keep them in their original frames. 

At last month's market, I picked up this vintage ring and an aqua colored floral pitcher. I love that the ring is asymmetrical. The pitcher has made its way into our living room as a vase.

If you missed the market, no worries as it is open one weekend a month. I can't get enough and am sure to be there in August as well.

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