Thursday, July 22, 2010

And We're Off ...

Welcome to An Urban Cottage! After gaining inspiration from many bloggers (and a nudge from my best friend Ashley), I've decided to write a blog dedicated to design, food, style and anything else that crosses my path. In efforts to keep myself on track, I'm beginning with my journey to transform my new apartment into a home for my boyfriend Nate and me (and of course our dog Phoebe)!

This summer, Nate and I searched for a vintage apartment complete with all of our must-haves (balcony, hardwood floors, dog-friendly and the list goes on...and on). After visiting many unpromising apartments, we ended up settling for a modern place that had everything BUT the charm and detail I so desired. I'm now challenged with creating a cozy, city escape out of a large, streamlined apartment and I clearly have my work cut out for me! My quest to marry vintage and modern in our new home in Old Town is sure to provide a wealth of material to draw from as inspiration for my blog. Stay tuned as this is certainly going to be a work in progress!

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