Monday, December 5, 2011

Cheers to a Great Weekend!

Sorry for the mini-break in posting last week. You see, Thursday was my birthday and I continued the celebration throughout the weekend. Thursday night, Nate and I grabbed some apps and cocktails prior to him packing his bags for a flight to Miami. While Nate was gone at residency interviews, I caught up on some girl time!

On Friday, my sister Regan and I grabbed some sushi and cocktails at Kamehachi. Yum, they had the most amazing drink made from Cava, Gin, Honey and Cucumber. So amazing ... I see some mixology happening in my near future.

After a sleep over, Regan helped me to move some furniture around, bringing the below Expedit bookshelf from my bedroom to the living room.

{arranged it with China, treasures from Thailand, books and our espresso machine}

And finally, Saturday night I ventured to The Pump Room with some of my best girls. The drinks were delicious. The decor even better. And the company was the best.

If you go there, head straight to the Library, plop down on an amazing, over sized fur chair and order the Pump Room Pisco. You won't be disappointed. What makes the Pump Room even better is that the old bar was known as my mother's "old stomping ground". Like mother, Like daughter!

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