Monday, May 16, 2011

Makeover Monday l The Beginnings of a Color Scheme

Here are some color options for Regan's future apartment that work with her existing gray walls, fabulous mustard color accents and crisp white bedding. What option do you prefer?!

Since most of Regan's larger pieces are staying, changing pillows and throws is a simple way to make a huge difference. I thought I was partial to option three but now I'm just confused ....


  1. I love option 3!! Like the two patterns mixed

  2. I like Option 3 :) All are lovely though.

  3. ahh i can't believe this post is about me and i have yet to comment! like most things involving my apartment, i've soo in decisive about a color scheme! however, with that said i do love option #3 and think it goes well with some of the pieces that are already in my apartment- such as my mustard night stand. however, i'm wondering if with an apt makeover i should try a new color scheme too! i do love blue and am actually pretty into #2..keep it coming with the good idea and maybe a color scheme will pick itself!


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