Monday, May 16, 2011

Makeover Monday l The Beginnings of a Color Scheme

Here are some color options for Regan's future apartment that work with her existing gray walls, fabulous mustard color accents and crisp white bedding. What option do you prefer?!

Since most of Regan's larger pieces are staying, changing pillows and throws is a simple way to make a huge difference. I thought I was partial to option three but now I'm just confused ....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Makeover Monday l Hide & Seek

Albeit not the most fun, the first step to making my sister's place more grown up is the most critical. I'm calling it "hide & seek". Hide all of eyesores you don't want company to see. Seek out hidden treasures to play up or items that can be reused/redone/etc. Simple as that ... for now.

Regan even said it herself ... those cords need to be hidden! Lucky girl, as I believe Nate and I have some spare materials hanging around our apartment. I also think a bed skirt would go a long way in making her under the bed storage disappear. It's my understanding that she has one in her closet and it is time to bring it out.

In a studio, less is more and it is important to make sure you LOVE everything. Regan's apartment has a lot of "extras" that aren't helping her apartment feel very young professional - too many picture frames, a painted mail holder from our childhood bedrooms, boring kitchen towels and tons much jewelry on display. I bet if she narrows down the amount of items on display, her apartment will instantly grow up a few years! 

My favorite hidden treasure of Regan's is her green and gold vintage stemware. It is way too pretty to be hiding in a cabinet; we must find a place to showcase this in her apartment. She also has a glass-top side table that can be instantly updated by removing my mother's pink/yellow table cloth and replacing it with an inexpensive piece of remnant fabric.

Other great pieces include a mustard colored nightstand that is currently hidden by the jewelry/head bands that sit on top of it and a photograph of Cinque Terre purchased at the art fair. Do you spy any great additional pieces from the pictures above? I bet the "seek" phase will be revisited again ...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh So Pretty!

Some wedding day inspiration realized via two Calistoga weddings {one even at my same venue!} featured on Style Me Pretty. The best way to discover destination wedding vendors ...

Drooling over these flowers ... requesting similar from the same vendor {Valley Flora}, but with a little less black! 

 Cute bags for the guests

Love light-colored suits for the guys. This wedding is no longer a formal affair! I'm thinking grey ... 

Place settings {a fork table & a spoon table}. The theme of this wedding was One Big Love Fest ... so cute.

As soon as I have the big stuff figured out, I'd love to add these finishing touches!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Makeover Monday l My Sister's Place

The beginning of my sister's apartment dates all the way back to blog post #2, when I mentioned that Regan would be moving into my studio apartment. Let me first begin by saying how proud I am of my sister's independence. She landed a job right out of school in a down economy and successfully began her city life before even receiving her first pay check. She rocks.

When Regan moved into my old place last July, she mixed and matched pieces I left behind, items from my Mother's house and a few new finds. Now that she has settled and decided to stay in the apartment for at least another year, she's committed to make her place more grown-up and cohesive.

Over the next few Mondays, I'll be sharing ideas for my sister to transform her space. Understanding that she is a young marketing professional, I'm making sure to keep everything as budget-friendly as possible. Stay tuned!
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