Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sweet vs. Savory

For someone who doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, I always pictured myself having a beautiful wedding cake to cut at my wedding. I've decided a banana cake would be pretty amazing if I were to head down the more traditional route. Aren't these versions just gorgeous?!



Couldn't help but include some, smaller cakes that would be just as beautiful for a more intimate wedding!

However, since this wedding has  picked itself up and moved to the beautiful, rustic wine country, I'm considering a cake made of ... CHEESE! The foodie in me loves that I could have a classic cheese dessert course and miniature desserts. My only concern as that they won't be as beautiful as their sweeter, more traditional cousins. But, these versions below are up for the challenge ...


What are your thoughts? Would you go the less traditional route in favor of something more suited for the affair?!


  1. mmm cheese :) i have a HUGE sweet tooth so im goign to go with a cake with different flavors on each tier (vanilla, carrot, and maybe red velvet). i also want to have mini pumpkin and pecan pies (our faves!) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  2. For my wedding, I've always envisioned a big dessert table filled with lots of small treats and candies (think apothecary jars and lots of cake stands!). BUT, I love the idea of the cheese cake to go along with it! So unique, and perfect for guests that don't have a big sweet tooth!!!


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