Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A while ago I mentioned a special family heirloom ...

and here's the history behind it.

The ring was originally a cocktail ring worn on my Grandma Anne's pinky finger. My Mom's Mom passed away years ago from Alzheimer's and it is really the only thing I personally have to remind me of her now. Grandma Anne was a beautiful stewardess who captured the heart of many and was proposed to numerous times. Eventually she married my Mom's Father and at some point during their marriage he gifted her this very cocktail ring.

Prior to gifting it to my Grandma, the ring was worn by my Grandpa's Mom, Harriet. And before that, the three center stones are remembered to be part of her husband's father's pocket watch.

To sum it up, the ring started four generations ago with my Great Great Grandfather's pocket watch, was then worn by my Great Grandmother and lastly my Grandma. My Mom gifted it to me on my 21st birthday after turning into a more wearable, everyday ring (not many people wear pinky rings these days!) and I guess at some point I will have to pass it on. Outside of my engagement ring and dog, it is the one thing I'd run into a burning building to save!


  1. Wow what a special piece. Its beautiful

  2. How lovely! Such an interesting history too. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. It's so pretty! I love how they turned it into something like that. I have my father's pocket watch, which is one of a few things I have of his to remind me of him. Turning it into an heirloom ring sounds like a brilliant plan. My grandma also left me her beautiful amethyst cocktail ring that I fell in love with as a kid. I'd definitely run into a burning building to save those two things!

    Excited to meet you on Thursday!

  4. goodness that's a nice heirloom and equally lovely story behind the ring. it's funny how long ago turning something into something else was just called smart or thrifty and now we call it being "green" ; )
    now that's a recycled item i would love to receive!

  5. So amazingly special and beautiful too!

  6. Wow, that is sooo neat to have a piece with so much history. Good luck passing it on -I'd have a hard time lettin go:)



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