Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gone to the Beach

Thanks to the blogging world, I've recently learned that the beach picture in my Living Room Inspiration photo {below and to the right}, is the work of Massimo Vitali. Genius. His work gives people a little bit of paradise year round! And for those of us Chicagoans who still have not acclimated to cold Winters, it is just what the doctor ordered!

Fabulous, right? The images balance color and serenity. Too bad they are about $4k a pop. Fortunately when flipping through the newest issue of Rue, I found this look-a-like on 20 x 200 for a fraction of the price! I only wish it was horizontal ...

Love. Beach. Photography.

{sources: Elements of Style, Things That Sparkle, 20 x 200}

1 comment:

  1. these are so great. and exactly what i need to look at to get me through the rest of winter! xx


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