Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday {on Thursday}: Dress Sketches

Yup, this post is coming a day late. Got a little caught up yesterday but didn't want to wait until next week! So, let me preface this by saying I LOVE my wedding dress, totally had that moment when I first tried it on ...

However since the wedding is over, it's going up for sale {I know some of you out there are probably gasping right now}. See, it is currently sitting in a box next to my bed because I have no place to put it and my mom, another serial bulldozer/purger, refuses to keep it at her place. I figure this ... I will never wear it again, my future daughter will never wear it and it is going to sit in this fricking box forever. So, might as well put some cash in my pocket and purchase another awesome dress that is socially acceptable to wear on another occassion. Oh, and give someone else the opportunity to wear my Vera Wang Erica Dress {sigh, she's so purty}!

The plan is to keep my shoes and sash {having this cut down shorter so that I can wear with an LBD}. I've also decided to have a sketch done of my dress. This way, my dress will live on and I'll have something to pass on {picture a sketch of my dress next to my future daughter's vanity}. I've rounded up four Etsy shops that I think do a stellar job at sketching dresses all for different reasons. Check them out!

I love the style of Gown Sketch; all of the lines look very clean. While I wasn't sure I was a huge fan of seeing a face, the artist does a nice job of still making it feel anonymus. Prices are $90-$100 and she will even draw your shoes if you ask!

The detail captured by Dress Sketch is AMAZING; I feel like they are true designer sketches. Costs are approximately $85-$130, the higher end being for images of the front and back of the dress.


Me & Belle Couture is a more affordable option at $65 a pop. I think the sketches look fabulous and of the same quality as the other options.

Love the drama of the Illustrative Moments sketches. Of all of the artists on Etsy that included detailed faces, this is the only one I chose to feature. For $125-$145, you get a sketch of your dress. This shop also sticks out because they use color instead of your basic black sketches.

What shop do you prefer? And, who do you think will be able to capture my dress with the most design integrity?

On another note, check out my pics from last week and email me if you are interested in my dress. I will likely post it on Pre Owned Wedding Dresses sometime within the next week but the blogging community gets first dibs!


  1. I love this idea! These are gorgeous and would be such a beautiful keepsake!

  2. love the idea! all look great! i may be leaning toward the last one. such a good idea!

  3. Thanks for including Illustrative Moments in this and the kind words.I would love to create an amazing piece for you one day.



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