Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday & Sunday Simple Pleasures

This weekend was the calm before the storm. With so many Spring weekends committed to travel, weddings, medical school ceremonies and bachelorette parties, I made sure to soak in some of life's simple pleasures. It was perfect.

Saturday started the bridesmaids dress quest for Ashley's wedding at Jenny Yoo and Bhldn. Happy to say our style is very similar and I loved our options. Despite none of us finding a dress at Bhldn, I must say we were all impressed by all the beauty in the store - fabulous dresses, unique accessories, an amazing pair of shoes for Ashley's wedding and unbelievable decor.

{I was convinced I was going to roll up the rug and walk out the front door with it! Yes, it was that special ...}

{A pit stop at Tory Burch had me loving the glam fireplace ...}

Later in the day, Ash and I indulged in some more of the good things in life. A Sprinkle's cupcake in our favorite flavor {hello bananas and chocolate ... my wedding cake was this combination} and afternoon bubbly at Fred's.

{Um hi ... aren't these the most amazing trays you've ever laid your eyes on? They are lace! They caught my eye when walking out of Fred's.}

Sunday started with walking the door to one of my Chicago special places, a New Leaf. I walked out with pink tulips, gorgeous white hydrangea and Queen Anne's lace before heading to yoga.

Afterwards, I picked up some new hand cream {please tell me why my Winter dry spell is just coming now}, shopped and enjoyed a long walk home before taking the Phoeb to the park!
It's weekends like this that remind you that life is good ... Happy Monday!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Some things I'm looking forward to this weekend...

{images via We Heart It}

Catching up with a bestie over wine, cooking, a movie and wedding planning ...

Framing my new Leigh Viner print and finishing up my radiator grill project ...

Playing outside and cuddling with my favorite little nugget ...

{images via Pinterest}

Fresh flowers, leftover homemade veggie chili and yoga ...

Happy Friday everyone!
I'm so excited for a weekend of normalcy before the weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, medical school celebrations and work travel begins.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Project ...

What do these two spaces have in common? 

Radiator grill. And, I'm obsessed with it.

A few weeks ago, Nate and I snatched up a large frame at a resale shop and painted it white. We then ventured to Home Depot to pick up some gorgeous radiator grill in a quatrefoil pattern like the one below.
All images above via Pinterest

It's taking some time for me to figure out whether it will end up look more like this ...

{a jewelry organizer found on Lost Button Studio}

OR this ....

{an entryway organizer found on Brooklyn Limestone}

Any other suggestions for it? 

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